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Please read the following before submitting a workshop entry as the format is important
1) Workshop Publishing Tool

When creating an entry on the Workshop, you will need to create a .gma file.

What is a GMA file?

GMA stands for "Garry's Mod Addon", and is the format used in Garry's mod for workshop, we also use this format for convenience reasons and because the workshop can mount your content files for clients.

Current Version: 1.1 Release


2) File Naming

It's important that the file naming is to the correct standard.

Weapon, Knife and Glove Skins
  • The file name should be in the following format: weaponname_skinname.vmt/.vtf
  • replace weaponname with ak47, famas, galil etc, the specific names of the weapons are not important e.g you can also use galilar_skinname or galil_skinname.
  • If you have additional textures such as animations, normal maps, then please suffix it, e.g galilar_skinname_normal or galilar_skinname_anim
Music Kits
  • All filenames should be lower case
  • A full list of file names and standards can be found Here
  • All filenames should be lower case
  • The map name should be in the following format: gamemodename_mapname.bsp e.g wzs_facility
  • For a list of gamemode names, see Here
Stickers and Graffiti
  • All filenames should be lower case
  • You can simply name it my_sticker.png or my_graffiti.png
3) Folder Structure
It is important that the file paths below are followed, and it is also important that you update your VMT file to match the new path.

The folder structure is important, otherwise the creation of the .gma file will fail.

The structure is as follows:

Weapon Skins
  • my_addon
    • materials/models/weapons/workshop/my_skin.vtf
    • materials/models/weapons/workshop/my_skin.vmt
Knife Skins
  • my_addon
    • materials/models/weapons/warzone/knives/workshop/my_skin.vtf
    • materials/models/weapons/warzone/knives/workshop/my_skin.vmt
Gloves Skins
  • my_addon
    • materials/models/warzone/gloves/custom/my_skin.vtf
    • materials/models/warzone/gloves/custom/my_skin.vmt
  • my_addon
    • maps/my_map.bsp
    • maps/my_map.nav
Music Kits
  • my_addon
    • sound/musickits/my_musickit/music/*.mp3
    • materials/musickits/my_musickit/assets/cover.png
    • materials/musickits/my_musickit/assets/background.png
  • my_addon
    • materials/stickers/my_sticker.png
  • my_addon
    • materials/graffiti/my_graffiti.png
4) Using the tool
If you have a Mac or Linux, you will need to create the GMA file yourself. WarZone Gaming provides no support for both MacOS and Linux for content creation
Please make sure you point the publishing tool to the root directory that includes the materials, sound folders etc.

1) Ensure you paths are setup correctly as per section 2


2) Open the WarZone Workshop Publishing Tool

3) Enter the name of your addon, this can be anything.

4) Select the folder, as per the screenshot above it's D:\Workshop\ak47_empress, however this could be C:\my_addon.

5) Select the Output file, in this example I've selected D:\Workshop\ak47_empress.gma


6) Click "Generate GMA"

You should get an output window that looks like this:


Back in your output path, you should now have a .gma file

GMA File

You can now use this file on the Submit Form

GMA Upload