Player to Player Trading (Beta)

It's finally here! You can now have steam style trading with other players in the server. Trade as many items as you want in one go, with it's built in two party acceptance system.


Emoji Support

In this update we have added full emoji support to the chatbox. You can choose Apple, Google, Twitter or Emoji One styles.


User Interface Redesign

In this update, Old and dated User Interfaces have been updated with a modern look and feel.


Introducing Trading

In Update 10, we have introduced an all new way for you to safely trade items between players. Trading is currently in Beta and over the next few weeks and months we will be taking feedback from players on how to improve it.

Redesigned Escape Menu

The escape menu has been redesigned to fit future needs. The new escape menu will give you an idea of all the things that will be coming in the future.

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Introducing Emoji

Following the rest of the industry, our in-game chat box now supports all of Emoji 3.0 (Emoji 4.0 coming soon!) via the use of short codes. You have 4 emoji styles to choose from. Don't like Apple style? No problem! Choose from Google, Twitter, Emoji One or simply turn them off completely.

Listen before you buy!

You can now inspect music kits before or after you buy. You can listen to each event in a music kit.

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9 brand new Music Kits

This update brings 7 brand new music kits from Blitz Kids, Neck Deep, Beartooth, Roam, Twin Atlantic, Skog and Hundreth along with 2 music kits from various artists.

Swap Me, Redesigned, Re-Engineered

This update brings the new User Interface design for the server swap system. Along with a back-end re-engineer. Map images are now displayed along with additional details.

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New! Radio rewrite

With Update 10 the entire radio module has been re-written from scratch with second-live song updates and a brand new User Interface. More features such as scheduled, a list of rated songs will be coming in future updates.

The new web store.

With this update we are introducing the new web store. This will allow players to purchase Life time VIP, Cases, In-game money and weapon skins and get instant access.

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Introducing Moderator

With this update we introduce the new moderator role. This is a new role with limited powers for people who do not quite yet meet the requirement to become admin.

Update Stats

Here are some stats from this update.



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New Lines of Code

The Gungame Case

The Gungame case includes 17 brand new premium skins from a variety of different content creators.

The Glove #2 Case

The Glove #2 case includes 17 brand new skins from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and content creators along with the ability to unbox extra rare special gloves!

Lifetime VIP Pricing

Silver VIP

  • 30,000 $WZ per month
  • 5 cases per month
  • More Info: Here

Platinum VIP

  • 100,000 $WZ per month
  • 10 cases per month
  • More Info: Here