Update 15 - The SurfDM #2 Update

The update that changes everything.

Surf Deathmatch 2

After the success of Gungame 2, We have worked hard in conjunction with the Community on SurfDM 2, with a brand new code base, dynamic gameplay elements, it's the best version of Surf Deathmatch available to date.

Improved Account Linking

The account linking process has been completely re-done from scratch. You can now create a forum account, link Discord and join the Steam group from one User Interface and gain benefits instantly in-game.

User Interface Updates

We have started to overhaul some parts of the UI.

SurfDM #2 Case

Containing a mix of community made and professional skins, the SurfDM #2 case is here to celebrate the launch of the new gamemode.

Introducing SurfDM #2

Designed in conjunction with the community, SurfDM 2's Development direction has been lead by both developers and the players. SurfDM #2 is the most unique Surf Deathmatch gamemode available.

New features include:

  • Weapons with a non-realistic weapon base (Core Base from GG2)
  • Warm Up System
  • Money System
  • Redesigned sound system.
  • Redesigned HUD and UI
  • Improved Spawn Protection
  • Customizable Cross-hairs
  • C4 Support
  • Fun Rounds
  • Improved MVP system
  • Radar
  • And much more!

SurfDM #2

Introducing Fun Rounds

A new concept for Surf Deathmatch. With up to 5 per map (2 random, 2 voted by players and one forced by an admin), you can expect your SurfDM 2 match to include a bit of fun.

At launch, SurfDM 2 has the following fun rounds:

  • Flying Scoutsman (Scouts Knives)
  • One In The Chamber
  • Suicide Barrels
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Zeus Only
  • Weapon Roulette
  • Velocity Race
  • Gungame

SurfDM 2 will be updated with new fun rounds as time goes on with suggestions from the community.

Fun Rounds

Account Linking, Simplified

In this update, we have done some major work to improve the work flow for linking accounts and gaining benefits. From in-game you can now create/login with a forum account, which automatically links Steam, Link your Discord account and become verified and join the steam group and get benefits. (And yes, we finally fixed the Steam group join)

For Discord, we've implemented Discord RPC and OAuth to provide a seamless joining and verification experience. Simply Click "Authorize", Go to your Discord client and allow WarZone Access, and you're done!

Steam Group Checking has now changed, for verification new players will be required to make their profile public (If not already) for a short period of time while we validate group membership.

Account Linking

Account Linking

New Escape Menu

In Update 15, we've completely redesigned the Escape menu. It's simple, fast and beautiful and includes some brand new features!

The Menu includes important items such as Voting, Inventory, Settings etc, the second menu includes your profile and your skill group.

The second menu also has a list of current players, and this introduces a new feature.

Escape Menu

Block Annoying Players

You can now block communication from any other players. You have the option to block all communication (Text and Voice) or block chat and voice individually.

Blocking is persistent and is stored. You can manage your block list in the !options menu by going to "Blocked Users"

Block Players

New Case Unboxing UI

The Case UI has been completely re-done from scratch. Cases are now 3D models and have animations and make the whole case experience much more enjoyable.

Cases now open a lot faster, however users can now control this speed further by using the cl_case_speed convar, with a value between 1 and 10 (1 is the default and slowest) and 10 is the fastest

Brand New Case Drop UI

Along with the Case UI, we have also re-done the Case UI from scratch, implementing the new case models shown in the Case UI preview above.

Block Players

The SurfDM #2 Case.

To celebrate the launch of SurfDM #2.

Rare Special Item: Knife

Tactical Glove Replacements

We have replaced all tactical glove skins with equivalent Hard Knuckle designs.

If you are unsatisfied with the new gloves and you own them, you can replace them with any other glove design by contacting a member of staff

Gamemode Logos

In the introduction of GunGame 2, we made a simplistic and simple logo. We have now made one for SurfDM, TTT, Cinema, Stronghold and DarkRP.







Move Multiple Items to a folder

We have added another option for when you multi-select items in your inventory. You can now move all selected item to a specified folder.


Redesigned Cases

With the introduction of a 3D Model for the case, we have taken the chance to re-do all the images for the cases along with updating some of the older ones with new gamemode logos.


Introducing Notifications

Never miss a sale or bid. Get notified instantly with the new notifications feature. Available to everyone on the Community Market.



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Additional Lines of Code


New Case


SurfDM #2 Beta Testers