The Supply Drop Update.

2 New cases, 54 gloves and the all new Community Market.


Gloves are finally here! There are pattern and country variant gloves.

Community Market

Sell items for your own price! The community market finally brings community item interaction.

Surf Case

The 4th case in the gamemode series. The Surf case includes 17 new high quality skins.

Glove Case

The Glove case contains 17 community made skins along with the chance to obtain a rare special glove!

Introducing Gloves.

52 new gloves have been added. 21 country variant gloves and buyable from the store and 33 pattern and custom case-only gloves

Introducing the Community Market

Buy and sell any items with other community members. Want the one skin that's not available on the store? Find it on the market for sale by other players. The market introduces our new RPC technology to make the website and game servers more connected than ever with purchases and selling instantly taking effect while in-game and using the market.

Community Market

The Surf Case.

The Surf Case is the 4th case in the gamemode series of Cases and contains 17 premium and high quality skins from professional skin creators.

The Glove Case.

The Glove Case contains 17 community made skins along with the chance to get a rare special case-only pair of Gloves!


The all new Item Wiki

We've put together all the information for items and ranks in to one place so you can view any item and it's properties quickly.


Everything's more interconnected.

With the introduction of this update, the servers are now more interconnected than ever. The website and game servers are now interconnected with website changes applying instantly in-game. This applies to Community Market transactions, VIP purchases and more.


Months to create this update


Additional Lines of Code


New Skins


Gloves Added

Frequently Asked Questions.

We expect you to have some questions, so we've compiled an FAQ below.

Q How can I get gloves?

There are 21 country flag gloves available to buy in the store and 33 case-only obtainable gloves.

Q What is the Community Market?

The community market is a central market place for players to sell their items to other players easily.

Q What can I sell on the community market?

You can sell everything on the market that was previously sellable in-game.

Q Is there a minimum price for selling on the market?

Yes, 10 $WZ

Q My country does not have a pair of gloves, can you add them?

With each Glove update, more country gloves will be added over time.

Q Can I reverse a market purchase or sale?

No, all transactions are final.