Introducing the Seasonal Update.

2 New cases, 8 Souvenir seasonal skins and automated season events.

Collect Presents

Starting from the 4th of December, you can open a present on selected maps and get a Souvenir Christmas Weapon Skin

Happy New Year

Join Stronghold on the 31st December from GMT (GMT) to celebrate the new year.

Cinema Case

The second case in the gamemode series. The Cinema case includes 17 new high quality skins

TTT Case

The third scase in the gamemode series. The Cinema case includes 17 new high quality skins

The Cinema Case.

The second case in the gamemod series. The Cinema Case contains 17 addtional high quality skins.

The Trouble in Terrorist Town Case.

The third case in the gamemode series. The TTT case contains 17 addtional high quality skins

merry christmas

Give yourself something

In addition to last years gift system where you could give other people something. This year is going to be different. From 4th December, find christmas presents under a christmas tree on various maps. Such as: Lockdown (Stronghold), Minecraft (TTT) and Theatron (Cinema). Open the present and you will have a souvenir 2016 edition christmas skin.


Starting the new year with a bang

From 6PM (GMT) on the 31st December, Join Stronghold for a spectacular fireworks display. Fireworks are set off every hour. Start the new year in style.


Update Screenshots.

See high resolution screenshots from during development to completion.


Days to create this update


Additional Lines of Code


New Skins


Bugs Fixed

Frequently Asked Question.

We expect you to have some questions, so we've compiled an FAQ below.

Q What are presents?

Presents are a new feature which are physically placed on the map which you can open and receive a souvenir 2016 christmas item.

Q Where are the presents?

A lot of presents are located under the christmas tree on Lockdown, Theatron and Minecraft. Others are located in other parts of the map, which you need to find!

Q How many presents can I open?

To ensure it's fair for everyone, you can only open one per day.

Q Can I sell skins from presents?

No, you can only trade skins with others due to the skins souvenir status.

Q When are the fireworks?

Fireworks start on Stronghold from 6PM (GMT) on the 31st December and start every hour until 1AM the next day.

Q Why are presents only on Stronghold, TTT and Cinema?

On other servers there are constant rotating maps. With Stronghold, TTT and Cinema, these game modes run the same map 24/7 and makes positioning of presents and the christmas tree easier for us.