The Gungame #2 Update

Welcome to Update 14.4, we've changed a lot.

Gungame #2

We've re-imagined and re-wrote Gungame 2 from scratch, bringing a brand new and more enjoyable experience.

Sticker Capsule #4

We have now added Sticker Capsule #4, including 70 other high quality skins, available to buy in the in-game store.

Gungame #2 Case

In this update we have the new Gungame #2 case to celebrate the launch of Gungame 2.

Community Case #2

We have added an additional 17 new skins from the WarZone Community.

Introducing Gungame #2

We have re-invented and re-designed Gungame from the ground up. From the weapons to give a fast pased and arcade feel, to the stunning and clean user interface and HUD, it has been beta tested by community to make it perfect.

New features include:

  • Completely new WarZone made weapon base
  • 3D Scopes for the AUG & SG553
  • Classic scopes for AWP, SSG-08 and Auto-Snipers
  • Weapon randomization on each map load.
  • Progress HUD
  • Improved Spawn Protection
  • Customizable Cross-hairs
  • Redesigned User Interface and HUD
  • Brand new sound effects and sound design
  • And much more!

Gungame #2

Introducing new gloves.

We are in the process of phasing out the existing "Tactical Gloves", however this update introduces brand spanking new default gloves.

Surf Campaign

Gloves Fingerless

One of the new gloves for the Terrorist side, Fingerless gloves are seen on team based gamemodes such as Gungame or SurfDM when you have no gloves equipped.

Surf Campaign

Gloves Full Finger

This is another Terrorist variant of gloves which can be seen by players on the Terrorist side in team based gamemodes.

Surf Campaign

The Gungame #2 Case.

To celebrate the launch of Gungame #2.

Rare Special Item: Knife

The Community Case #2.

Created by the fantastic WarZone Community, the second Community case is finally here.

Rare Special Item: Gloves

New Glove Additions

All community created, the update includes 5 brand new gloves.

Introducing Lake

A brand new addition to Gungame #2 and the first CS:GO port, Lake makes a return with Gungame #2

Gloves Inspecting

Introducing Safehouse

Also coming to Gungame #2: Safehouse.

Surf Campaign


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New Cases


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