The 2017 Christmas Update

Christmas just got a whole lot more fun. Launching 1st December 2017

Collect Presents

Same as last year, you can collect presents on Stronghold, TTT and Cinema every day.

Advent Calendar

Count the days down to Christmas Day with the all new Advent Calendar!

The Gamma Case

A new event, a brand new case. Introducing the Gamma case containing 17 brand new community created skins.


Operations are here! Purhcase the Operation Christmas pass from the 1st of December with up to 40 missions to complete!

Introducing The Advent Calendar.

With this update you have your own personal advent calendar. You get a random weapon skin from the Gamma and Christmas case every day.

Surf Campaign

Introducing Operation Christmas

With the 2017 Christmas update we are introducing Operations. This Christmas you have more than 40 missions to complete over 2 campaigns. The WarZone Department of Military Operations has been born. Enlist today!

Buy the Operation Christmas pass for 50,000 $WZ in-game to gain instant access

Landing Page

The Journal

The journal is the hub to every operation. Find stats, FAQ's and your operation maps in here to progress your operation career.

Journal Cover

The Eurasia Campaign.

The Eurasia Campaign as a mixed gamemode campaign that contains 17 missions with a variety of difficult levels. Green is easy, Yellow is Medium and Red is Hard. This Campaign features missions for: Stronghold, TTT, Surf, Bunny Bop, Surf Deathmatch.

Eurasia Campaign

The Surf Campaign.

The Surf campaign, as the name suggests is an entire Campaign for the Surf Skill gamemode. Same as the Eurasia campaign, the mission colors define how hard the map is.

Surf Campaign

The Gamma Case.

The third case in the gamemode series. The TTT case contains 17 additional high quality skins

The Christmas 2017 Case.

An event exclusive case, The Christmas 2017 case contains 17 brand new christmas themed skins. This case drops throughout December, however the items are available through the advent calendar.

merry christmas

Presents are for everyone.

Same as the 2016 christmas update, presents will spawn on: Stronghold (Including Pro), Trouble in Terrorist Town and Cinema. Presents spawn every 24 hours, the amount of presents under the tree increases by the day. Each player can open 1 present per day.


New Years Fireworks.

Not planning anything for New Years? From 6PM (UK Time) / 7PM (Western EU) on the 31st December, there will be a massive fireworks display on Stronghold (Including Pro). Fireworks set off every hour.


Case Inspecting is now here!

You can now look at the contents of a case before buying a key along with that you can hover over the items to view more information.

Surf Campaign

Rank Scoring Changes.

In this update we have changed the scoring of all ranks for Level 50+. The scoring is now balanced for each rank. The top level still requires a lot of score, however it is a lot easier than before. In future updates we intend to add Prestige Mode with rewards for ranking up.


Glyph Icons

In this update we have introduced Glyph icons. This will start featuring in new UI design. You can see Glyphs currently in the new content featured in this update!

Surf Campaign

Update Screenshots.

See high resolution screenshots from during development to completion.


Month to create this update


Additional Lines of Code


New Cases


Bugs Fixed

Frequently Asked Questions.

We expect you to have some questions, so we've compiled an FAQ below.

Q What are Operations?

Operations give you a set of missions to complete. Playing these missions gives you Money, XP and in some cases, Stars to upgrade your Operation Coin.

Q Where are the presents?

A lot of presents are located under the christmas tree on Lockdown, Theatron and Minecraft. Others are located in other parts of the map, which you need to find!

Q How many presents can I open?

To ensure it's fair for everyone, you can only open one per day.

Q How much does the operation pass cost?

50,000 $WZ

Q The page states that the ranking scoring has changed, how does this affect me?

Only the scoring for level 60+ have been balanced and made easier as it was too hard before. If you are a high rank, you should start getting multiple promotions until you reach your score level. No one is expected to get a rank loss from this change.

QHow can I access the Operation or Advent Calendar?

Open the Store Interface and click on the "Christmas" button!

Q Can I sell skins from presents or the advent calendar?

Yes, this year you can sell or trade your Christmas 2017 skins.

Q When are the fireworks?

Fireworks start on Stronghold from 6PM (GMT) on the 31st December and start every hour until 1AM the next day.

Q Why are presents only on Stronghold, TTT and Cinema?

On other servers there are constant rotating maps. With Stronghold, TTT and Cinema, these game modes run the same map 24/7 and makes positioning of presents and the christmas tree easier for us.

Q Why is there no Campaign for X?

Creating the operation system took a lot of time, and we only had a certain time frame to create missions and create the logic behind the missions. In future operations we intend to involve every gamemode but still making it possible for single gamemode players to earn stars and coin upgrades.