Welcome to Fourteen - Part 1

Update 14 part 1 is a huge update which brings new features, skins, cases and a lot more.


We have finally bought stickers to WarZone! Decorate any gun with up to 4 stickers.

Skin Patterns

With this update certain new items support pattern floats which means that the same item can have a unique look.

Clutch & Community #1 Cases

Two new cases have been added, the Clutch case from CS:GO and the Community Case #1 featuring WarZone community made skins.

Inventory Folders

Organize your inventory your way! With folders you can add, modify and remove folders and add any item you want to a folder. If you're a VIP, you can spice up your folders with custom icons!

Introducing Stickers!

You can now spice up your weapon even more with stickers! Each weapon has 4 slots and positions for you to put stickers and this update contains 3 sticker capsules with more to come in Update 14 - Part 2

Surf Campaign

You can inspect stickers too.

Stickers also include a 3D inspect.

Surf Campaign

We've also added Pattern Floats

Starting with this update there are 6 new items which support the new pattern float system. Every time you unbox a new weapon a float is assigned and the appearance will change based on that value.

Glove Pattern Floats

We have also expanded the pattern float system to gloves, along with this, gloves also support seperate left and right glove textures on all gloves (Except Tactical Gloves). The seperate hand textures also work with pattern floats.

Weapon Pattern Floats

Two weapons in the community case include pattern floats, mostly of two differing materials.

Weapon Floats

Introducing Inventory Folders

You can now organise your Inventory however you like. Create a shit skins folder, a trading folder, whatever you like! There are no limits on the amount of folders you can create. If you're a VIP, you can spice up your folder list even more with the ability to select an icon for your folders.

Inventory Folders

Inventory Folders

The Clutch Case.

Introducing the Clutch Case, featuring 17 new community-designed weapon finishes.

Rare Special Item: Knife

The Community Case #1.

This is a unique case. It contains skins created by WarZone community members and 51 glove finishes and is the first ever case to include float pattern skins.

Rare Special Item: Gloves

New Glove Additions

There are over 50 new glove skins in this update. See them all here.

New Community Knife Additions

This update includes 22 new knives created by the community. Some support the new pattern float system

Current Support: Karambit | Molten, Karambit | Shard, Shadow Daggers | Molten

Gloves now have inspecting.

There is now 3D and animated glove inspecting, improving upon the previous inspecting panel.

Gloves Inspecting

Improved Icons

We have improved the weapon icons. You can now see weapon skins more clearly and all weapons are sized to fit.

Surf Campaign

Improved Item Hover.

The item hover has been completely rewritten and now includes pattern floats, StatTrak kills and who the skin was created by. The updated hover also shows limited use items and sticker previews.


Introducing The Hydra Gloves

Direct from CS:GO, the brand new Hydra Gloves are now available in-game.

Surf Campaign


Month to create this update


Additional Lines of Code


New Cases


Community Contributors

Frequently Asked Questions.

Want some answers? See our FAQ below. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, ask on The Forums or hop in to Discord and ask.

Q What are stickers?

Stickers, are well.. Stickers! but in this update, you can take pre-defined sticker items and put them on your weapons for extra decoration.

Q How can I obtain stickers?

You need to open sticker capsules. You can obtain capsules from The Store or, after your weekly drops have exhausted.

Q What if I don't want capsules as drops? I only want skin cases.

You will only get sticker capsule drops as and when your weekly case drop limit is reached. You will only get the capsules after this point and you will never get them as a case drop.

Q What type of stickers are there?

Regular, Holo and Foil.

Q What are pattern floats?

Pattern Floats change the way a certain skin looks. For example, the Karambit | Shard, depending on the float value, the skin will look different. The float value will be different for everyone. Pattern Floats are not wears and we do not intend on implementing wears.

Q How many times can I use a sticker?

Only once. Stickers are a limited use, one time item. Removing the sticker does not give you the sticker back.

QWhat are inventory folders?

Just like in your desktop environment, Inventory folders allow you to organise your items in to folders. This allows you to organise your Inventory and keep it tidy.

Q Can I put a custom icon on my folder?

Yes, this requires any tier of VIP.

Q Do stickers support scraping?

No, due to engine limitations, we cannot add a sticker scraping feature, however you can remove the sticker from your weapon at any time.

Q Do stickers transfer?

Yes! When trading an item, selling it on the market or putting it up for auction, the stickers will also transfer with the weapon.

Q Do pattern floats transfer?

Yes, just like stickers, the float value of a item is transfered. The value is also shown on the community market and community auction.

Q Can I sell stickers on the community market?

Yes, since stickers come out of capsules which are classed as cases, you can sell any sticker on the community market or put them up for auction.