Replay Bots

For Surf & Bunny Hop, you can now see how the pro's surf, or if you want you can simply watch your own replays in order to improve.


New Gloves

This update brings 6 brand new glove models from CS:GO in to Garry's Mod.


StatTrak™ Music Kits

This update makes Music Kits StatTrak™ compatible. Win a round to count up your StatTrak™ count!


Introducing Replay Bots

Update 11 (Timer Engine 3.1) includes replay bots. There are 3 bots. Main, Replay and request. The request bot will allow you to request your own or other players replays. Bots will replicate weapons, skins, gloves including StatTrak and name properties giving you more chance to show off your inventory!

New Styles

Timer Engine 3.1 now includes 6 additional styles for Surf.

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Introducing Pre-Voting

We have listened! With this update you can now vote to extend the map for 10 minutes or continue to map voting as normal.

Knife Collections, Completed

This update finally completes all knife collections. Damascus Steel, Doppler, Marble fade any more.

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New! Reserved Slots

Each server now has a maximum of 10 reserved slots which are now shared between admins and VIP's. This feature is included by standard with all VIP packages.

Update Stats

Here are some stats from this update.



Hours work



New Lines of Code

The Spanish Cartel Case

The Spanish Cartel case includes 17 brand new premium skins from a variety of different content creators.

The Hyrda Case

This case contains 17 brand new skins from Operation Hyrda in CS:GO along with the chance to get a rare special item.