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News Title [Radio DB] Update 25
16/10/2017 01:23

Surpise! :emofdr:

I've been hard in the pants at work for the past two days to finally add some amazing music that I've always wanted to listen to on WZR; coincidentally this is a jubilee update, as in the 25th official update with new music, so I've went ahead and added some highly requested tracks along with the newest suggestions in addition to my some of my all-time favorite jams ever. The list of added content is below and I will feature most of the stuff in my next show I'm planning for this weekend.



Michael Jackson

October Metal Batch Dump:





3OH!3 (I've had enough of explosive diarrhea listening to this garbage, thank you)

News Title [Radio DB Update] 11/10/2017
11/10/2017 12:59

Now for something actually productive on my part (thanks again @archilles392 you absolute twat), here's some of the newest suggestions added to the radio today:


Additionally added the full album "Barton Hollow" by The Civil Wars

News Title [RadioDB Update] 16/09/2017
16/09/2017 05:40

Hello everyone,

All the tracks from the VGM show last night have been added into the radio database so you can request them at any time. I will be looking into adding much more music like this in the future, so if you want to suggest anything, feel free to do so here.


News Title Archive: [OLD] Radio Database Changelog
16/12/2016 19:10

This thread will contain all the changes to the radio database, so you can stay informed whether your song suggestions have been added; here we will also keep track of any songs that have been removed for one reason or another (low amount of requests, like/dislike ratio etc.)

EDIT: Archived, will be posting new threads for each update from now on.