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Summer Meetup 2018
Country Flag Utrecht, The Netherlands
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The yearly summer Meetup, hosted in the heart of Europe: The Netherlands.

This meetup is located in the Dutch city of Utrecht.

All Recommended Hotels are within 3km (1.86 miles) within each other for walking distance.

Things you will need

  • Plenty of Clothes to last 5 days.
  • Legal travel documents (Visa's etc)
  • Tooth Brush
  • Shower utilities (Shampoo/Conditioner/Towel)

Travel Information

  • Destination Airport: Amsterdam (Schiphol)
  • Driving from the UK: Stenaline - Harwich > Hook of Holland - Or Eurotunnel
  • Train Station: Utrecht Centraal

Car Travel from the UK

The recommended route is from Harwich and taking the ferry to Hook of Holland (Rotterdam).

However, you can also take the Channel Tunnel (Tunnel Sous La Manche) eurotunnel.com

Important things to note when driving from the UK

  • The Netherlands drives on the RIGHT
  • The Netherlands uses Meters and Kilometers for distance measurement
  • You need some headlamp converters if you wish to drive at night
  • Changing to the other side of the road is not hard, you adapt very quickly

Book quickly! The longer you leave it, the more expensive it gets!

We recommend everyone who attends should be 16 or older

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