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Players 10/10 players attending
ZeRovlodernHulaHoopZumbaCallum (Blazingstardude)HappiChaotixTheSinkingSpongeScreamoheartpuk413
This event has now finished. You can no longer sign up, refund ticket or join this event
Event Information Event Information
Description Description

Join for the fourth CS:GO Drinking Game. This gamenight is going to work slightly differently. If you don't drink, join the Sober team. Have alcohol? Join the Alcoholics team!

Alcoholic Team Rules

  • You must be the legal age to drink alcohol in your country. You may also get permission from your parent and/or guardian
  • Alcohol contents should be 20% vol or more
  • Every time you die, you drink
  • When you get killed by a knife, you drink three times
  • When you get killed by a zeus, you drink three times
  • When you team kill, you drink three times
  • Weapon specific rounds will be called out by ZeRo only

Event Schedule

  • 1) Vote on Maps. Three maps with the highest votes are selected
  • 2) Map #1 is played
  • 3) Map #2 is played
  • 4) Map #3 is played (If possible)
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Team Alcohholics Team Alcohholics
Team Sober Team Sober