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[TEMPLATE] Staff Reports


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 ytto6ui.pngStaff Report Template

While we expect the very best from all Warzone.gg staff members, our team is not airtight. There may be moments of weakness or blatant disregard for the standards we set, and any questionable behaviour must be reviewed and dealt with swiftly. All members of staff must be held accountable for any foul play or misuse of their abilities.

We fully invite all members of our playerbase to report members of staff if necessary. In doing so, you help us maintain a fair and fun experience throughout our services.

Staff reports are reviewed and decided upon by only high-ranking members of staff, and never by the person that is being reported.

Please copy the template below and fill it out HERE



Warzone.gg Staff Report

Your Steam Name:

Your Steam ID:

Your Discord #:


Who are you reporting?:

Why are you reporting them? (Please be detailed):

When did this incident occur?:

Evidence (pictures, videos, etc):


The Warzone.gg Staff Team

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