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Warzone.gg Community Rules & Guidelines


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Welcome to Warzone.gg!

While interacting with the community, it is vital that all our players feel welcomed and respected. Gaming communities attract players from all walks of life, and Warzone.gg is no different. We aspire to be inclusive, enjoyable, and warm to any person who wishes to spend time on our services.

The rules found on this thread are Community-Wide Rules. They pertain to all of our services, servers, forum threads and Discord channels.

Community Rules & Guidelines

  1. Be civil. No disruptive, targetted, or offensive behaviour of any kind is permitted on Warzone.gg services. All communications with other members of the community should be respectful. It is okay to have differences of opinion; it is not okay to personally attack, insult, or defame other members. Comments that are threatening, violent, abusive, derogatory, hateful, or that are racially, ethnically, sexually, or otherwise insulting are not allowed and will result in punishment.
  2. Exercise inclusivity. This is a gaming community, and it invites players of all ages, backgrounds, and personalities. For everyone to have fun, nobody can or should be excluded from partaking in game nights, community events, conversations, and the enjoyment of all of our services.
  3. Respect privacy. The privacy of all Warzone.gg members is to be respected and upheld at all times. The release of personal information without the consent of the individual is strictly against the rules, and any violation to this rule will be met with heavy-handed punishments. Posting personal information about yourself is to be kept to a minimum in public channels.
  4. Keep it legal. The participation in, encouragement of, or provocation of illegal activities and/or materials in Warzone.gg is prohibited, and may result in removal of a member's registration under the discretion of the Staff.
  5. Do not upload or post inappropriate content. Inappropriate content includes pornographic, illegal, offensive, or otherwise objectionable images, videos, sounds, text, or other forms of media. This includes profile pictures, names, signatures, and any/all posted materials.
  6. Maintain the integrity, both self and otherwise, of all Warzone.gg members. Intentionally scamming, misleading, misinforming, or lying to other players is strictly against the ethos of Warzone.gg.
  7. Obligation to report bugs. If you come across a bug while partaking in any of Warzone.gg's available services, you have an obligation to report it to a member of Staff or the relevant report channels. The abuse of bugs for personal gain or convenience is strictly prohibited and is actionable.
  8. Be fair. Warzone.gg has a rather extensive trading and market system, and offers a wide range of servers, opportunities, and services to its members. It is incredibly important that all members of Warzone.gg are fair, helpful, and informative to any new players or those that are having issues.
  9. Have common sense. Warzone.gg operates under the assumption that its members are here to have a fun, enjoyable time utilizing our services. This list of rules is not exhaustive, and there may be loopholes present: if something seems wrong and is not listed here, that does not automatically mean it is permissible.
  10. Leave old drama in the past. Warzone.gg has an interesting history, and it's a minefield for old grudges and toxicity. Publicizing dated grievances in an attempt to stir up drama will be actionable; either keep it to PMs, or keep it to yourself.


Please note: this list of rules and guidelines may be changed at any time, without prior warning. All rules are enforced at the discretion of Warzone.gg's Staff, and as a result exceptions may occur on a case-by-case basis. All players are expected to adhere to and respect these rules.
The Warzone.gg Staff

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