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Maybe overpowered but worth a try

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TTT- Traitor weapon, Kinda buff or just how it should play

So my suggestion is for the poltergeist weapon, basically you shoot the projectile onto the object, and where ever you shot the projectile thats where it will travel until it hits an object or person, and after it hits the object or person it goes either direction.  Suggestion.thumb.png.ed5c956e79650888756531e450f73bda.png<---- Paint demonstration what would happen

So i dont know if this would be overpowered or not but it would be better for the poltergeist as it would make it be used by t's more often, as i dont see t's using it very much. This could be abused in a certain extent but i made a little solution for that and what they could abuse it for.

Abusive ways of it

1They could stack objects in a line to make them all shoot forward rapidly

2They could shoot it off the top of the tower and it will still be very high speed

3 It could trap people in places


1. I sorted this one myself that i didnt explain above, ones the projectile has hit an object, it bounces back a couple of feet then goes either left or right away from the object and basically goes in a zigzag line in short paces tho

2. Ones you shoot it off a high place, it gradually starts to slow down then it will eventually not do a lot of damage after it hits said target, if it is shot from the tower it will still hit the traitor tester room but at a slower pace

3. You could make it so when it "Traps" people they can shoot it and it just destructs (Not explosive) like a wooden box so that innos can't damage nearby players with it and get warned

(April fools jihad 30 minutes every week) 

I dont think this will be added, wanna know why? just listen what the april fools jihad is

- The april fools jihad covers the whole map in fog (Only minecraft ttt) and gradually gasses everyone until they get into the nether (Safe spot)


Thanks for reading my suggestions. Just thought of them there and i think the poltergeist one would be a decent one in my opinion

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So what you are trying to pass on is for the poltergeist to lock onto someone upon a first kill? I would think that's a little overpowered. The biggest issue the weapon has is that it's being used on minecraft ttt. It's a lot more handy for maps that have many more dynamic props within them. It's better suited for rotation you could say. But it's just a shame that rotation doesn't appear to be as popular as it once was. 


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No, it goes in a complete straight line until it hits a target, it does not lock on. Once it hits a target it goes either left or right depends where the object lands, and yes that would be OP if it locked on

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