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WarZone CS:GO 2v2 Tournament

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We're pleased to announce our first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament, we will be running a 2v2 Tournament sometime in mid to late November, possibly during the start of December. 

All you'll need is a friend and a creative team name.

You can sign up here: https://forms.gle/YtD3oF1hF7nXJWqL7

The Deadline is currently the 2nd of November, however depending on responses, we may extend this further.

Once we have the minimum number of required teams, we will announce dates in due course. 

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Entries were closed on 1st November.

Tomorrow a vote will go out to all Team leads with a potential list of dates to vote on.

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Dates have now been voted on and the dates are now final.

The Tournament will be hosted from 29th November - 1st December.

Participating Teams:

gb.png ZeRo & Reaper Co

  • ZeRo
  • The Reaper

gb.png The

  • Chaotix
  • Terrorspy

gb.png Fort Knights

  • Fuse
  • Nep

nl.png Drunk Dutchies

  • archilles392
  • puk413

de.png 🤷shrug emoji

  • ChaosNightmare
  • Waffle

gb.png Sneaky Beaky Like

  • Lunar
  • TheSinkingSponge

gb.png Team Flaccid

  • Palamanic
  • TheRabbitHutch

se.png =3 IQ

  • Fidget50
  • Felix

it.png Grwng

  • NisiYT
  • Rick The Brick

de.png Iron Paws

  • Z-Kun
  • Im using an xbox controller


Here's the bracket as of right now:



Round 1:

#1 gb.png Sneaky Beaky Like vs se.png =3 IQ  - Friday 29th November 7PM GMT  (8PM CET)

#2 gb.png The vs gb.png Fort Knights - Friday 29th November 9PM GMT (10PM CET)

Round 2:

#1 gb.png ZeRo & Reaper Co vs europeanunion.png Winner of Round 1, Match 1 - Saturday 30th November 6PM GMT (7PM CET)

#2 it.png Grwng vs gb.png Team Flaccid - Saturday 30th November 7PM GMT (8PM CET)

#3 nl.png Drunk Dutchies vs europeanunion.png Winner of Round 1, Match 2 - Saturday 30th November 8PM GMT (9PM CET)

#4 de.png Iron Paws vs 🤷shrug emoji - Saturday 30th November 9PM GMT (10 CET)


#1 europeanunion.png Winner of Round 2, Match #1 vs europeanunion.png Winner of Round 2, Match #2 - Sunday 1st December 4PM GMT (5PM CET)

#2 europeanunion.png Winner of Round 2, Match #3 vs europeanunion.png Winner of Round 2, Match #4 - Sunday 1st December 5PM GMT (6PM CET)


#1 europeanunion.png Winner of Semifinals, Match #1 vs europeanunion.png Winner of Semifinals, Match #2 - Sunday 1st December 6PM GMT (7PM CET)


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