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Summer 2019 Content Creation Competition results

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We are pleased to announce the results for the 2019 Summer Content Creation Competition.

1st Place (£100):                         WarZone Gallery by Callum (https://warzone.gg/workshop/viewsubmission?id=120)    
2nd Place (£60):                          Five-SeveN | Ashes by RoyalNoob (https://warzone.gg/workshop/viewsubmission?id=127)
3rd Place (£30):                           AK-47 | Conjured Oni by Fuse (https://warzone.gg/workshop/viewsubmission?id=132)
4th Place (£20 Store):                 Yuka Kitamura - Dark Souls 3 by Felix (https://warzone.gg/workshop/viewsubmission?id=121)
5th Place (£10 Store):                 P250 | Genesis by Chaotix (https://warzone.gg/workshop/viewsubmission?id=135)

Honorable Mentions:

x10 Souvenir Anniversary Packages:               Music Kit | Jazztronauts!! by Waffle (https://warzone.gg/workshop/viewsubmission?id=139)
x5 Souvenir Anniversary Packages:                 Mac 10 - Pixel Portal by Callum (https://warzone.gg/workshop/viewsubmission?id=128)
x50 2019 Anniversary Cases:                              SSG-08 - Feral by Fuse (https://warzone.gg/workshop/viewsubmission?id=118)
Souvenir Anniversary Skin of your choice:    FAMAS | Phantom Thief by Chaotix (https://warzone.gg/workshop/viewsubmission?id=138)

Note to winners:

  • You must claim your prize within 24 hours by providing:
    • IBAN Number
    • Account Number & Sort Code
    • PayPal Email
    • WarZone Wallet Balance preference (In this instance, the prize pool would be doubled, if you won £100, your wallet balance will be £200)
  • We do not accept cash in post as a form of payouts, and must be done using bank or PayPal transfers
  • Payouts for the prizes are unlikely to happen until October due to the current cash flow situation, however we will try to do this as soon as possible.
  • Winners located in the EU; Prize money may not be delivered during weekends or out of hours (7AM - 6PM)
  • Please DM me your account details for the transaction to take place.
  • If you would rather double your winnings in Store credit (For place 1-3 only) please specify in the DM


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