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The Summer 2019 Meetup has come to an end.

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Today marks the last day of the yearly Summer meetup for 2019.

After almost 10 days, it is time once again to say goodbye.

Here are some of the highlights and stats from this year.

Live Map & Route Improvements

This year we improved the live map and heavily used the Google Maps API to give people at home more insight in to meetups and to allow everyone to follow from home.

We started recording our historical GPS positions which in turn creates a map that looks like this


Although we faced some technical issues such as it not recording after our trip to The Netherlands and not working for other long distance trips such as the theme park, we have managed to gain some insightful information on how much we traveled and how far.

The stats for this meetups is as follows:

Total Distance Driven (Miles): 1,167

Total Distance Driven (KM): 1,879

That's the equivalent of driving from London to Rome.

This covers not just driving but also walking since the GPS tracker is also my phone. 

The issues have now been sorted out and we're looking forward to seeing what will happen in February next year.


This was a challenge for us, mainly because the UK based meetups are based on a site with no electricity or internet.

Throughout the whole meetup we had to use a generator and 4G Hotspots, and to our surprise, this worked really well, and we're looking at bringing back Streaming for next time and doing more streams.

The total cost for running the generator for the whole meetup was around £60.

Of course, doing streams has provided some really great clips, such as the following:









Big thanks to @Callum (Blazingstardude) for clipping all of these, who without would have been forgotten.

Radio Shows

Radio Shows was a big part of this meetup and we continue to do these in the future, and more. This time we also streamed the radio on Twitch with a live Camera, although this also had issue and delays, it's something we are going to working on for next time.


I'd like to give a big thanks to all the meetup attendees for coming and making it a fantastic experience:

@vlodern for being vlodern

@Not Alfred for being the punching bag and literally having weird dreams.

@keranoz for being the fire master

@puk413 for bringing a zoo to the meetup as he's basically a Giraffe

@archilles392 for being Dutch.

@JackMonty17 for being the second car driver.

Going Forward

For future meetups we will be selling tickets, meaning that in order to sign up you will have to pay a flat non-refundable free of £20 (This may vary in different currencies)

The reasoning behind this is:

  • To cover various organisational costs
  • To cover print media such as tickets and passes.
  • To cover the cost of pins
  • To cover various logistical costs.

This will also ensure that only people who are serious about attending meetups will sign up.

The Next Meetup

The next official limited meetup will be located in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, however this is not public and is only for the upcoming anniversary celebrations

After that is A State of Trance 950, in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

As for the next Summer Meetup, voting will commence on that shortly, however it is planned to change the format of that to include multiple places, mostly two cities/countries. There will be more information on this soon.


Thanks to everyone at the meetup and at home. See you next year.



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