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Revamp or Update of the Trade Up System

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I think that by Updating the Trade Up system it would encourage people to buy guns they may not need to get a gun they can get through a trade up and make profit. Just like in real CS:GO when doing trade ups you only get guns from the same set such as Bank Collection. Only works on guns from pink and lower and some guns give you no profit / split even, some lose profit and some make profit making it a risk that can pay off. This would add more fun into the trade up system which currently only provides store skins and a very very small chance to make profit. Thanks for reading and hope you like my suggestion. Let me know what you think.
sorry ZeRo if this is already on the 'Roadmap'. 

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Thanks for posting this.

i was planning on removing it temporarily until the new Inventory UI is completed. There’s a couple of things that need to get done first, that being the complete re-do of Collections, and a rewrite of the system. It’s not specifically on the roadmap, however I’ll be interested to hear if other players would also be interested in this being worked on sooner. 

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