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Not Alfred

WZ Content Remaster

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Hi folks. The content we've built over the last few years plays a big part in our first steps into new grounds like S&Box, and part of my new role at Content Manager is making sure what we bring over is good enough quality for an actually modern engine :emofdr:

So an extended project from here will be going through all the skins we have and reworking them in some way. Some points about what's to expect;

  • Quality- 1024px or lower skins will get AI-upscaled and generally cleaned up if compressed (Example)
  • Quality- Regular Skins with tiling patterns will be added to the Floats V2 System (Knife and Glove support will be finished this weekend)
  • Quality- Some skins will have added support for PBR (Normal Maps/Glossiness/etc)
  • Design- Bad designs/Alex skins/Design Requests will be remade completely (Poorly cropped example)
  • Expansions- Possible retexturing addons for the WZ Client (discussed a while ago with ZeRo, a very faint possibility)

I'm going to start working on this project from tomorrow, with commits to the Trello board to show progress and the occasional screenshot in contentcreation. If you have any suggestions for skins that you want to see redone, send me a message. If it's a Community-made skin, only the creator can request that skin.

P.S "oi u cheeky wanka where's Skin Studio" It's been ready for a while now, but there's some possible licensing issues with the version of Cycles that I'm working on top of. Going to discuss this with a few people to see what options we have for releasing this either publicly or on private request

Notes for if you're a Content Creator;


Low Res/Compressed skins/Tiling skins will all be reworked for Quality's sake, as we need more high-res/quality content for the future, and tiling saves a lot of space/gives players more variations of the same skin. This will not affect the design at all.

If you want optional added support for PBR on your skin, send me a message. Either you can work on adding these features or I can for you. Again, the base design won't change whatsoever.

If you want the actual design to be reworked completely, shoot me a DM. Either you, me, or anyone in Content Creators of your choice (if they want to) can do this for you, and the process will take a lot of communication between the two to ensure the end product is whatever you're happy with. This is completely optional. Regarding ownership, you'll still hold 100% ownership of the skin and creation status


Probably too early to say, just an idea lmao

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