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The Spring Update (v18.5, 1905)

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You can view the full change logs here: https://warzone.gg/changes/view?id=58 , However this post will go in to detail the highlights.


You can now play the the daily lottery! Simply type !lottery in chat to get started, or Press ESC > Main Menu > Daily Challenges

This is a 1-100 random number lottery and winners are announced Midnight, UK Time.

The pool starts at 100,000 $WZ and tickets cost 10,000 $WZ and the purchase price is added to the total pool.



Icon Updates on F3

The F3 menu has been updated with a lick of paint, or in normal terms, the majority of icons have now been changed to FontAwesome rather than image icons that don't really scale well above 16x16



The mini-profiles have now been updated with the Panorama UI style


You can now do the following from the mini-profile:

  • View WarZone Profile
  • Add Friend / Chat (If you have them on your friends list)
  • Report
  • Commend
  • Borrow Music Kit


You can now commend other players directly in-game


You can do this from the Mini-Profile

Music Kit Borrowing

You can now borrow other players equipped music kits.


This only applies to the current map session and will end when you either disconnect or the map changes.

This is only for all sounds except MVP, that will use your current equipped music kit.

Gungame & SurfDM Improvements

One of the things I keep hearing is "I forgot what team I'm on!"

Not anymore, you are now reminded what team you are on at the start of each round


For both Gungame and SurfDM, there have been some performance improvements.

We have gone over the HUD code and optimized it where possible and removed some nice to have, but not required effects such as as blur (This will still appear on UI panels which are not shown during gameplay)

There is now also a new HUD Alert panel for both gamemodes:



This is also inline with the CS:GO Panorama Design which we are in the process of implementing.


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