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Server Move

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As announced in Discord yesterday, the servers will be moving from London, UK to Frankfurt, Germany.

The reasoning for this is because of better hardware and a much better internet connection.

The move for this will start on 15th April. 

The process will be the following:

  • Give each Server a GSLT (Game Server Login Token) as this will update players favourites with the new IP automatically
  • Move each server one by one, starting with the servers hosted on UK Server 001 (Stronghold, MC TTT, Cinema, SurfDM, Gungame) and then moving on to UK Server 002 (Surf T1, Bunny Hop, Surf T2+ and Skin Testing)
  • Existing servers on the old IP's will remain online until 29th April where the old servers will be wiped and terminated, this is to purely provide a redirect.

New IP Addresses

Here are the new IP addresses for each game server, ports will remain the same, however for ease of information, I'll put the port numbers also.


Minecraft TTT:


Surf Deathmatch:


Movie Night:

Surf Tier 1:

Bunny Hop:

Surf Tier 2+:

Skin Testing Environment:

NOTE: WZNet match servers will be moved on Saturday 13th April

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Update 16/04: All servers have now been migrated. 

The old servers had Steam GSLT applied, which should mean that favorites lists in Steam will be automatically updated. 

New redirect servers have also been put up on the old IP/Port combinations just in case.

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