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Logo Design Competition

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Hi everyone, today we are running another competition.

As you may or may not know we are branching out WarZone Radio into it's own entity, Frag Fm. With this we will need some content so why not do a competition here so can everyone can participate in it.

  • What we need
  • Discord Logo (recommended size of 512x512)
  • Website logo

The requirements for the Discord logo is that it must contain F.FM or alternatively FFM in some form, whatever suits.

The requirements for the website logo is pretty simple, it must contain Frag.FM (capital letters doesn't matter if you can make it work) in some form. Generally simple works for something like this, the WarZone logo text is just some simple gradient but it makes it unique.

Participants will earn the following:

  • Custom FFM development pin in Garry's Mod
  • Access to the development of FFM
  • Access to the Discord server before anybody else
  • Some in-game items and cases for the participants.

Competition will end in 2 weeks, winners will be announced in #contentcreation and on here.

To submit any entries please PM on here or on Discord.

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My entry, thought this looked good.


frag fm discord.png



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