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Callum (Blazingstardude)

Zombie Survival Map - Facility

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Map Name - Facility

Images: image.thumb.png.4c62dbc1ba8ee9ab00db5629524620d7.png






Map Description: An old manufacturing facility is still usable as long as it aint been knocked down by the horde right? well a strike team should be able to hold them off whilst we still have the damn place. go get em, and maybe your job will be useful.

Setting: Derelict Manufacturing Facility - UK

Uses Custom Models?: No

Uses Custom Textures?: No


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Was fun to play test and it's a solid map 👍 Would be an awesome addition into the map pool. 

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nice copy of KF2 Power Core should be named to wzs_powecore.bsp imo… I like this map , a small map, not lot of space making people feel claustrophobic making the map very good

church of spy mains.png

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