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The Archilles392 2018 Quiz

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Hey everyone,

I also wanted to do some kind of giveaway, because of all the Christmas nonsense, so I decided to make a quiz. You'll be able to participate untill Saturday next week (December 29), then the winner will be announced. Obviously, the person that gives the most correct answers will win. In case of a tie, a winner will be chosen at random (only from the participants with the most points, of course).

So, you might be wondering, what can you actually win? Well, since it's the steam winter sale at the moment, there are a lot of good deals out there. I thought about buying a game and giving that away as the prize, but then people who already owned that game wouldn't have any reason to do the quiz in the first place. So instead of doing that, you can choose what you want yourself! I will buy the winner of the quiz a game in the steam winter sale that costs 25 euro/pounds. Of course, multiple games that have that as a combined value is also fine. 

So here's the quiz, good luck everyone. And yes, I know a lot of these questions are about me, but I need to know the answers in order to check em 😛 

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The competition is over, so here are the correct answers and the winner of the quiz!

1. What show did I go to in 2018? 
The correct answer was 40 trips around the sun - Toto. I went there in March this year, in Amsterdam. 

2. How many people from WarZone did I meet in real life this year?
The correct answer here was 10. The people I met irl this year were: Zero, Alfred, Vlodern, Puk413, Screamoheart, Megasubbie, Keranoz, Archangel, Muffin, Tomandpc

3. How many items (weapon skins, music kits) did I make in 2018, and how many of them were accepted?
The correct answer was 5 items submitted, 4 accepted. I made 4 music kits that all got accepted (Toto, Vicetone, Sofi Tukker & Batman) and I made a knife skin all the way back in January, but it wasn't accepted.

4. Which character did I NOT use as a discord profile picture during the 31 days of Spooktober?
The correct answer was Michael Myers - Halloween. 

5. Beep
I seriously don't get why so many people got this wrong. Some of you were probably too stubborn to not vote "No". Obviously, the correct answer was Boop Bap Bip Bup Bonk Burp

6. What is my favourite Christmas movie?
My favourite Christmas movie is Die Hard. Yes, it is a Christmas movie!

7. What does Glenn have?
As pointed out by me and ZeRo during our drunk radio show, Glenn has the driest, crustiest dick that has ever existed

8. What am I going to do next year?
I'm going with ZeRo and Vlodern to A State of Trance in February, gonna be sick


The winner of the competition is @EmbersOfTheFlame! He got 6/8 questions right. Congrats Embers 😄 

Here's the complete score list:


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