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The 2018 Christmas Update

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The 2018 Christmas update is finally here!

The update will be deploying at 08:00 GMT on the 1st December 2018

Here's the highlights.

Weapon Re-Port

The main focus of the update was re-porting the weapons from CS:GO to Garry's Mod to allow for a number of improvements such as a better and more optimized StatTrak module for guns, UID Nametags for custom names.



Along with this re-port includes a new set of weapon sounds.

Inspecting now includes StatTrak and UID models



Panorama Inspecting

For Weapons (For now) there are now multiple inspecting modes, namely weapon rotate and playermodel views.



Nametag Improvements

As mentioned previously, nametags have been improved, along with that, there is a new UI


Server List Panorama Update

This update also includes a Panorama UI update for the !swapme / Servers list




Festive Updates

As with last year, the server is very festive again.

There is now a Christmas version of ttt_minecraft_b5 and the Skin Testing Market

On certain maps, namely: sh_lockdown, Minecraft B5, Cinema, Market, there are Christmas trees placed with presents that are spawned.

Every player can open one present from under the tree per day, and presents contain items from both of the new cases.


Skin Testing Market Map


Christmas Minecraft


Christmas Menu & Advent Calendar

In the escape menu there is now a new Christmas section containing a Christmas countdown, advent calendar and received items.


The Advent Calendar, you can open a slot each day and get an item from both of the new cases.



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