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Update 16.2 - New Content

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Hi All,

Update 16.2 is now live, here are the new changes.

Voice Chat UI

There is now a new cross server voice chat UI system, with user preference support (Except TTT, more on that later).

The following themes are available with more to come in the future.













The "TTT" theme is enforced on TTT due to the fact it include support for traitor chat (Where as other themes do not)


TTT Fun Rounds / Events

Also in this update is the all new Events / Fun Rounds, now implemented for TTT, with 22 rounds and more to come in the future. Players can access this by pressing [F4] (Default, player configuration may differ)


Hovering over each one will give you a detailed description of what each fun round does, clicking on it will initiate a vote to start that round


StatTrak Modules

In this update, the way StatTrak modules is done is now different.

From today, players will only be able to purchase modules for Store Bought (F3 Store) items only, you can no longer buy modules for case only items (Including Knives), as such the only way to obtain StatTrak status for case only items is to get it from the case itself.

Other Changes

For all other changes, see the change log located here: https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewchangelogs?id=43

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