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New Gamemode/Fun Round Suggestion

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You all might have heard about the Paintball Gamemode , its a very fun gamemode were there are 2 teams , Red Vs Blue Witch need to fight like paintball in real life  you get hit eaven with 1 bullet you die , there are Shootguns with short range , pistols , granades , awps and paintballguns ecc , the bulets are slower you can dodge them if your fast and smart , you can jump slighty higher you are faster ecc but you die  with 1 bullet , you cannot kill the same team with the same bullet color , this gamemode was previously in css , cs 1.6 ecc .I suppose to make another server or a fun round vote thing . This game mode its not hard to make actualy is a copy pase with some changes , you can find the scripts if you join a css or cs 1.6 server and copy from the cs folder 

Paintball Cs Go as cs 1.6.webp


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eh tbh it sounds just like another shooting gamemode, but with the exception with this one is that you don't respawn which is really damn boring if you die and have to wait for the rounds to end.

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The map is small the round lasts like idk 45sec - 1 min

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Really loved this gamemode back in the day, the older Polish 1.6 servers especially. Really active and engaging gamemode.

I feel like they haven't aged too well, however. They're a perfect gamemode for players who still play 1.6 and enjoy it, but it wouldn't convert very well to Garry's Mod's playerbase in my opinion. More conventional weapons are more appealing to the current meta/expectations. I'd love to see it, but I don't personally think it would be worth the effort to develop and manage the server.

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