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Bring back Surf_Japan on surfDM

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I don't think it should come back, its one of those maps that was designed for early surf days. (when not everyone could surf as easily as they can today) therefore, its full of ridiculous boosts and such that just propel you through the map, most of the time, the round either ends due to the timer or people falling onto the floor and dying. There's barely any killing going on because of that. There's also not a lot of surfing going on, its a small map with like 5 surf ramps. That's not a lot of ramps, there's no jail for when you fall either, so people can hide in the houses and such. I've had several people say they don't like the map, and I personally don't like it either. If people decide they want it back, they can either make a poll on the forums or DM me on Discord. Kitty Cat#0986 until then, I wont add the map back into surf dm for the reasons stated above. If you wish to have other maps added, you can suggest them here: 



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