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Hello gentlemen

I was on TTT for a bit earlier and I quite liked the community so here I am. It's a shame the only mod left the server so someone with a WZ tag called a full RDM round and a load of people left :) 

But complaining aside. My name is Micky and I'm from Scotland, I work in IT for the council so i'm a nerd and a prick in 1 fat package.

I'm 18 years old and in terms of a social life I mainly just go out and drink a lot every Saturday.


Fun story - Within 1 week of passing my driving test I T-boned another car. If you wanna hear the story ask me about it in-game :^)


- Yolodiealone 

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Yes hello good sir I am good friend.

First of all, the forums are quite inactive, join Discord or Teamspeak to speak with us. https://discord.gg/DewAmxJ or ts.warzone.gg. The best way to call an admin in TTT is by heading to #support in Discord, we can usually have someone on fairly soon.

Typical scot going on the beer getting fucked every weekend, we have more around here just like you

anyway yes I am @xyz on Discord. come spam ping me

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