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Genuine Howl Pin Competition

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We have one last Genuine Howl Pin to give away from the meetup.

This is the only chance by not attending a meetup that you can get a Genuine Howl Pin.

All you need to do is the following:

Make an Ed Sheeran Album Cover using this picture:


(You may need to rotate it)

Post your entries in this thread.

I'm looking for a really good Ed Sheeran Album Cover using the picture above.

Entries close on 11th August and will be announced on the radio show.

The physical code will be mailed to you via postal service (Anywhere in the world)

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Here's Ed Sheeran's new album - Somewhere In Utrecht, I made a back cover since I thought it was funny lol

Front Cover.jpg

Front Cover with no text.jpg

Back Cover.jpg

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