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Mr Death

Should I be worried about getting reported?

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Lately as i've been getting better at Gungame, people have started calling me out for being a cheater, using aimbot ect ect. I've also seen players type !report in chat after a game or two against me. I know that these reports are false, but if i have been reported for the same thing over and over again, won't that raise a red flag for my account? As a comparison, i'm a level 81, playing against people who are around 50-1. Of course they are going to think that i have some kind of a power over them.

So my question is, will i get banned for getting too many reports, even if they are completely false, and come out of people for simply being butthurt?

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Short answer; No.

The report system wont ban you or kick you if you get x amount of reports, all reports are manually reviewed by staff, and of course, false positive reports are discarded.

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