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Radio Suggestions - Loves *And* Hates.

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Hey all, firstly. You're probably thinking that I did a post just like this in May... yes, yes I did. but thats just a slightly similar title and this one includes small ideas that I took from that. So the first question I wish to ask you all is: What happens to the loves and hates? Well I previously suggested personal loves to be on pages for everyones own tastes. But this one is slightly different. I realised that on the radio we can only see the overall love and hates of songs when they're either played. Or when they're in the 'Most loves songs' section. But what happens to all the other songs? What if I want to see how many hates Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down has. Well I can't. So what if like in the image below, we can see these overall loves and hates. 

P.S. yeah this suggestion may not seem very beneficial to the average player, but I feel like it makes use out of the loves and hates thing much more, especially when I don't actually see hate being used.


- Embers.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 22.26.09.png

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Good idea, I'm sure ZeRo or Archangle will implement this at some point.

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