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Update 14.4.5

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Update 14.4.5 is being launched on 15/05/2018 at 07:00 BST

Here's some of the new changes:

Improved Glove Icons

We have now improved the icons for the gloves, you can now see both the left and right gloves


Skin Testing Environment Improvements

STE has received a lot of updates, adding in support for pattern floats and stickers.

When selecting an item with pattern floats, you can now select the float you wish to view




By pressing the menu button (Q Default) you can also modify the weapon properties


You can modify StatTrak, give it a custom name, the StatTrak kills and assign all 4 sticker slots.


New Sport Gloves | Molten Float

The float for the Sport Gloves | Molten has now been increased from 1.1 to 1.3

@TheSinkingSponge has provided us with a new pattern float variant. These are also glow in the dark, so if you ever get in to a dark place, check them out 👀


Sport Gloves | Molten (Bismuth)


We also fixed a bunch of bugs that you guys reported to us, so thanks a lot to the whole community for that. We have some more Gungame 2 changes on the way later this week, which will tweak shotguns.

For now, Update 14.4.5 will be releasing later today!

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