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Unfairly Anitcheat Ban

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Dear Warzone Staff,

I Just Joined Your TTT Server For The First Time I Play A A Little Bit Then Later I Open My Computer Antivirus Which Injects Dll's Into Alot Of Application Because I Realised It Was Turned Of So I Turned It On To Stay Safe While Gaming, However I TAB Back Into This

Then I Tab Back Into The Game

Then It Says :



You have been permanently banned from warzone gaming

Banned By : Warzone Anti-Cheat

Reason : console variable manipulation

if you feel this was a mistake or unjustified, please submit a ban appeal at https://warzone.gg



Which I Was Really Enjoying The Time I Spent Untill I Was Falsley Banned...

Thank You For Reading, Aquatic



Ban Screen.png

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Your anti-virus wouldn't modify the game's memory and freeze either the sv_cheats or sv_allowcslua values to 1, which is the reason you were banned.

Anti-cheat bans are final and non-negotiable. 

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