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Radio Web Improvements

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Today we have put live a series of Improvements to the radio section on the website.

The radio page header has been re-done, to align with the design of the rest of the website.


We have now also added "Most Loved Songs" which show the Top 10 most liked songs ever. You can click "View Full List" and see a top 40 of both most loved and most hated songs.

The Top 40 has been re-worked also. The way the top 40 is ranked has been completely changed.

Rather than being based purely on how many times the song has been requested, it now takes Loves & Hates in to account, so !love and !hate songs wisely!

The algorithm we use for this is:

(RequestCount * LoveCount) - (HateCount * 2)

Webplayer Updates

Since Google Chrome broke the web player the other day with more anti-autoplay stuff, I have fixed that and went on to improve it further:


The biggest change with the updated Webplayer is the new addition of the Song time / total time bar. This was a huge technical challenge, but we managed to see it through.

If you're still having problems please press ctrl + F5 - that should fix it.

We have also updated the Presenter section to show both the Presenter name and current show name.

Future Updates

That's it for now. In future updates we wish to add presenter profile pages along with adding more music content to the radio web page.

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