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Kitty Cat

Surf DM Map Feedback

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Heyo, we're going to be changing Surf DM soon, we'll also be bringing in new maps and we want to know what you think of our current maps. We'll have room to remove the bad maps that someone decided to add without considering anything *cough* Matt *cough*.

So if you could post here the maps, and whats wrong with them.

You can also use this to make map suggestions. If you could post the map name + link, i'll check it out when I can. I'd prefer CSS maps.

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In order to keep my pride as a weeb i would love to not have the Japan map removed :), other than that im excited. 

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2 hours ago, EmbersOfTheFlame said:

As long as you keep the Austin Powers map I'll be happy xD I've never even seen the movies. But that map is just sooooo amazing!

That map was removed a long time ago.

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