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Introducing the WarZone Workbench

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WarZone Workbench is our brand new in-game fully featured skin creation and testing tool.

Workbench allows you to create projects and test for the following item types:

  • Guns
  • Knives
  • Gloves
  • Stickers
  • Graffiti
  • Music Kits

You can simply create a new project for your weapon type e.g Graffiti and customize it to your liking.

When working on a project you can customize various aspects of the item such as:

  • Pattern Floats (Weapons/Knives)
  • Pattern Floats with Left/Right textures (Gloves)
  • Pattern Floats with colors (Graffiti)

Depending on the project type, you can switch to different views, such as:

  • First Person (Guns/Knives/Gloves/Stickers)
  • Workbench (Guns/Knives)
  • Gloves (Gloves)
  • Sticker (Stickers)
  • Underpass (Graffiti)

To get started, go in to the Skin Testing Environment and put the following command in console: warzone_item_tools

You will be prompted to subscribe to a workshop addon, once done, re-do the command again.

See below for various screenshots

Main UI


Gloves Project


Pattern Floats for Gloves


Graffiti Project


Weapons (First Person View)


Weapons (Workbench)






Sticker (Inspect View)


Music Kits



Please Note:

Workbench is in beta and we do not guarantee it's stable or going to be bug free.

If you find any bugs, please use the bug tracker located here: https://warzone.gg/forum/index.php?/bugtracker

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FYI Documentation is still pending for Workbench, if some things do not work for you yet, it may be down to the fact that you are doing it wrong or not as the documentation will state. 

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