Update 14.3 is launching on the 11th April at 11PM. This update includes a variety of major changes, mostly bug fixes, however there are some new features and additions. Discord Rich Presence is here! Whatever server your in while playing WarZone from Stronghold to TTT and even to Movie Night events, detailed information will be displayed about your current game session. Stronghhold: TTT Cinema (With video time left) Movie Nights Gungame Skin Testing Gamemode Stats make a return! In the last update we overhauled the Statistics UI, in this update we have added back gamemode specific stats and support for more gamemodes will be coming soon. VIP Custom Graffiti This update also introduces the ability for VIP's to customize Monochrome Graffiti. You can edit any float value of Graffiti and set your very own custom name and color 3D Inspect Coins Last update we introduced Pin capsules along with that we added the ability to 3D Inspect pins if CS:GO was mounted. With this update you can now 3D Inspect the Steam Coin, Winter 2018 Meetup and Summer 2018 meetup coins. Music Kit Competition Winners This update also includes 5 music kits submitted to the 2018 Music Kit Competition, you can see these below:  Chaotix | Contemplate  Chaotix | Calling Card  Chaotix | Night Visions  Callum | Sonority  Thonk | Gorillaz