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Sport Gloves | Neon Contrast (Ft. Not Alfred)

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Previously, I made the Neon Contrast design on the Specialist gloves. However, I prefer this design on the Sport Gloves and I think many will agree. These gloves (and in extent the Neon Contrast Shadow Daggers) also have potential to make use of the new float system, but it isn't 100% necessary for them to work. The previous gloves can be found here: 


Skin Name: Neon Contrast

Weapon/Glove: Sport Gloves

Images: 1.thumb.jpg.836ecef856507452a71527577273abcd.jpg2.thumb.jpg.b9f206c0170e486791493e12584b3fc4.jpg

Skin Description: Sleek gloves designed for sport are decorated in contrasting vibrant colours.

Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: These gloves make a perfect match the Neon Contrast Shadow Daggers and also work really well with other weapons and knives.

Additional Comments: Huge thanks to @Not Alfred for allowing me to use his artwork to create this design. It can be found below. This also serves as the images used in the creation of the skin as per the new format. 


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