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Confluence Updates - Also known as WarZone Help Center updates

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I am updating WarZone Help Center with lots of new information and general stuff regarding WarZone such as guidelines on how to apply for moderator.

If the community wants me to add anything WarZone related I will publish it in due course, obviously I have to post very basic and accurate information so it may take me some time to add in a lot of content.

This is the current list of what I will probably add

  • Completely re-do the “How To WarZone 101” topic that was formerly posted in Introductions
  • Installing CS:S content and assets
  • "Settings" such as setting age and other random stuff in IPB
  • Submitting blogs
  • Submitting posts
  • Submitting skins and music kits
  • Gamemodes explanation
  • Item Wiki Explanation
  • Update Inventory, Economy and Skins overview to include auction
  • Discord channels tutorial since some people doesn't understand how2channel
  • Radio system explanation
  • Explaining meetup’s
  • Explaining gamenights
  • Social Media Giveaways and how to enter

...and anything else I think up along the way. Anything else you guys want explained in a very basic format I can add in too, feel free to reply here or PM me when requesting additional content.

For the uninformed you can visit the help center here or by going to the "Help" section under "Community" at the top of the forums.

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