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Community Challenge #1

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So I have a challenge for the community.

Basically, you have these 2 sets of data and out of it you need to find out 2 words, which is 11 text characters in total with no spaces in between the words. Both sets of numbers will interact with each other to find out the answer.

A hint for set 1 - you need convert this to a set of individual numbers that range from 2 to 9 which wont take much effort - some searching and trial and error will get this easily. It's impossible to complete the challenge without converting set 1 into the format as described(a set from 2-9). For set 2? Well, that's where it gets a bit harder. It's up to you to figure out how both sets of numbers interact with each other to find the words. ;)


Set 1 Set 2
057 1
050 1
055 3
057 4
054 3
054 2
051 2
115 4
105 3
099 3
099 3


This will run up until April 12th. Winner will receive 100 cases of your choosing and any skin of your choosing. The first person to submit these words to me will be the winner.

Questions can be asked in this topic, PM me on discord or however you would like to communicate with me.


Good luck guys!

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I'm not giving up yet.

Good luck to everyone.

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Clue #1

This website can be used to solve set 1. I will not give any further information other than that I convert it from text to a certain format, so you need to convert it back.


People have a hard time laying it out so I will give you a tutorial.

You need to convert every single three digit number, separately to a single number. You need to list them the same way I have listed it.

For example: in a hypothetical situation, I would convert 040 and that turns out to be 1. I convert 041 and that turns out to be 2.

You need to list them like this

Set 1 Set 2
1 X
2 X

x = digit in the original post above.

Once you figure out the single digit converted number you need to find the relation the 2 numbers have to form a letter.

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Somebody has got it

Next person will win 20 cases. Good luck.

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Time to announce the winner and the method

The winner is @Thonk - well done good sir.

The method?

Right so. Set 1 was just a single digit converted to ASCII format. This part was fairly easy - at some point I linked the website I used in Discord. The website can be found here - http://www.unit-conversion.info/texttools/ascii/

The main problem with this is they tried to convert it from text to ASCII again instead of changing the tool's function to reverse what I done.

This means set 1 was as follows:

Set 1 Set 2
9 1
2 1
7 3
9 4
6 3
6 2
3 2
s *
i *
c *
c *

Now the sicc part was just me being a derp - I didn't intentionally do this but yeah, whatever. I derp'd up. Too late to fix it now. I typed in the actual letter instead of the number corresponding on the phone below. I only noticed that as I made this post right now :lole:

For the rest of it you needed to lay it out in the table format I described to get the best understanding of it. Anybody could have guessed the first part of it was "warzone" but the method is what I needed for the prize to be taken.

The next part is to use this - this keyboard is how you find the relation of the numbers from both sets.


From here I'm sure you can work it out yourself.

From set 1 you look at the number 9 - from set 2 you look at the number 1. And so on.

Well done @Thonk - your items will be and have been delivered on request.

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