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Introducing: Community Radio Shows!

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So guys,

I'm bringing forward to the community an idea I've had for quite a while now. It's basically having different nights for different genres of music. For example, on Monday evening we play an hour of chill music, Tuesday evening we play an hour of rock music, Wednesday evening we play EDM music and so on.

The biggest problem I would personally have achieving this would be that I don't listen to much music related to specific genres. This is where I am asking you to help me. I would like the community to put forward playlists to be played for these evenings.

Here are some guidelines to follow - they aren't rules but just guidelines to keep everything smooth and easy.

  • Playlists should be between 1 and 2 hours - anything in excess or much less than this will be put under review
  • Try play music currently in the radio database - anything else I can try to source myself but it would be a great help if you could choose something from the database
  • Roughly 20 songs or more will need to be submitted as 20 songs at roughly 3 minutes a song will turn out to be 1 hour.

I am personally going to do a "Top 40" night on Thursdays - I will be posting a song list when it comes time to do so. I will personally dedicate 30 songs to my first music night, happening this Thursday the 15th of this month. Also we currently play A State Of Trance by Armin Van Buuren on Friday evening at 9:30 so that will be continuing, and as such we will not be accepting entries for that night.

I know it may seem like a lot to choose more than an hour of music, but as you seen above, 20 songs on average will turn out to an hour.

Please PM me on discord (@lé xyz) a song list or PM me here on the forum. Please do this at least a few days in advance of your show. For any show successful show you will be rewarded 1 million WZ$. Your name will also be announced as the DJ of the show.

This will be officially starting on the 19th of February - this gives people time to gather songs and submit them.

Thanks guys, I hope we can get some good radio shows running.


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