WarZone Logistics is holding our first race of 2018! You do not need to be a member to join this race, all we require is for you to be on Teamspeak (no mic required) The current details are as follows: Saturday the 27th of January 2018, 5PM Starting point: Milano (Services) Ending point: Milano (Services) Trailer required: No DLC Required: No You can use any truck but I highly recommend you use the Volvo FH Series of truck with the best upgrades. If you don't have the money or level I can help you create a profile to get this truck in under 10 minutes. The current rewards are as follows: 1st Place 5 2017 Anniversary Case | Limited Edition 10 Million WZ$ or any market item that is at or below that value. 2nd Place 2 Gamma Case's 1 million WZ$ 3rd place 1 Case of your choice 500k WZ$ The route available below in the spoiler I hope to see you all there! Reply to this topic, contact me via PM or on Discord (@lé xyz™) if you have any questions regarding this race. There will be an section on the Events page of the website soon for everybody to sign up to.