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The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) has won the movie voting! Vote for the next movie now https://warzone.gg/movievoting

The WarZone Winter Meetup 2018 is happening from the 22nd to the 27th. Staff activity will be reduced during this period, although it should not effect the Garry's Mod servers.

All information, live streams and pictures from the #wintermeetup2018-live channel will be posted in this section of the website: https://warzone.gg/wintermeetup2018

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Earn Garry's Mod cases with WarZone Logistics!

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WarZone Logistics is now giving out Garry's Mod cases for completing jobs! You must be a member of the WarZone Logistics Virtual Trucking Company for any jobs to be accepted. More information here.

Currently the reward system looks like this

  • For every 3 jobs completed under 2000KM (1242 miles) - 1 case of high value.
  • For every 7 jobs completed over 1000KM (621 miles) - 3 cases of high value
  • Any special cargo hauled over 40 tons will earn you 1 case of high value, distance not specified.

Very long distance journeys will also be taken into consideration. This is subject to change without prior notice.

You have 2 weeks to build up as much cases as you can. Cases will be rewarded every second week.

Please contact me via PM on the forums, on Discord (@lé xyz™), or on Teamspeak.

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