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Hey guys, so this is a new one. I decided to make a top of 2017. In this you can say your top movie, tv show, game, console, moment etc. All must be from your point of view. They don't have to be from 2017, but just something which was popular or you liked the most during that time.


So I feel since this is my post I'll start off.
Favourite game: I'm conflicted between Fallout 4 and Witcher 3. Although I only got Witcher 3 at the end, so I'm gonna say Fallout 4.
Favourite tv show: Without a doubt I gotta say Arrow, the recent two seasons are amazing. It taught me many things such as how to dislocate my thumbs... the episodes are great (Although my friends dislike it, except my GF xD)
Favourite movie: This one is kinda tough, I am conflicted between The Boy, and amazing horror which surprised me with a newish plot. Or Thor Ragnarok, a funny and great movie (A plus to this is that it was the first movie I watched with my GF when we got together) so I am gonna pick Thor.
Favourite console: I have lived off mainly xbox, therefore I am gonna say xbox 1.
Best moment: Probably... wait I don't think I should say it... nah...

Well I hope y'all enjoy joining in. Feel free to add any type of topic to this :)

EDIT: Decided to add a mention to Get Out, an amazing psychological horror. Completely different plot than what has been seen before and just truly amazing.

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favourite game - Overwatch (yup, gonna get slated for that) Or Cuphead

favourite Tv show - i actually dont have an answer for this xD

favourite movie - Suicide Squad

Favourite Console - Nintendo Switch

Best Moment - Potentially finding this server :3


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Favourite Game - Gmod tbh, it's the only game I play these days

Favourite TV Show - N/A, Hardly watch TV enough

Favourite Movie - Jason Bourne

Favourite Console - Nintendo Switch, like Blazing said.

Best Moment - Personal. :3

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Favourite Game - At the moment, I'm stuck between EaW (Empire at War) and Skyrim.I m leaning towards EaW.

Favourite TV Show - Cosmos by Neil deGrasse Tyson

Favourite Movie - John Wick

Favourite Console - Xbox One

Best Moment - The Meetup

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