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Update 13.3 Highlights

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Update 13.3 has now been released. Here are some of the highlights.

In this update there has been a lot of focus on community content created items, Trading Advertisements and player preferences.

Trade Adverts

In this updates, a new cross server mode has been added, this is designed specifically for people to use for advertising buying or selling of items. 

The command is +trading, so the actual use in-game would be:

+trading Buying 2017 Christmas Cases for 2M

The reason we have added this is so players who are not interested in trade adverts can turn these off and regular global chat can be used for normal conversations. (See Player Preferences)

For now, we have put out advertisements telling players to use this system, in 10 days we will start adding a rule against using the wrong chat for the wrong purpose and to respect other players filtering decisions. 

Player Preferences

We've heard a lot of feedback from everyone and in this update, we have truly delivered.

In this update, there are preferences for:

  • Blocking item gifting from all other players (Turn of receiving item gifts)
  • Blocking money gifting from all other players (Turn off receiving money)
  • Blocking all trade requests. This is useful for people who are not currently trading or just don't trade at all. The sender will be told that you have trade requests disabled.
  • Rejection of all pallet/event gifts given out. This will not impact the initial logic of giving gifts out (e.g player count) but if you are to receive one, this option automatically rejects it.
  • Make my web Inventory Private - This is a big request from a lot of people. This is a temporary option (Until CP2 is released) that will allow steam linked users to hide their inventory to everyone except themselves.
  • Hide Trade Adverts - As specified above, this allows the user to hide trade adverts if they're not interested.

Community Created Content

Recently, we announced the general availability of the documentation for creating Weapon, Knife and Glove skins. The response we have had so far has been remarkable. With this update, I'd like to give a big thanks to the following content creators for creating some stunning looking knives: @TheSinkingSponge @Callum (Blazingstardude) @Screamoheart @Nice. @Chaotix and @Not Alfred

With this update we have now introduced Content Creator Coins if your submissions are accepted. There are Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.

large.pnglarge.png large.png

The requirements are 1, 10 and 30 accepted skins respectively.

So you can find all the new knives here: https://warzone.gg/wiki/itemlist?category=7 

But here are a preview of a few.





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