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Shadow Daggers: Neon Contrast (Feat. Alfred)

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Skin Name: Neon Sun

Weapon/Glove: Shadow Daggers



Skin Description: One side of each push knife features a different texture which results in appearing to have 2 different knives ingame. The design of the blade makes the blades appear as if part of it is being lit up with a neon glow.

Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: The shadow daggers get very little love on the server due to their less popular design. Also, the unique design of two different blades adds a new blend to the WarZone skins.

Additional Comments: Huge shout out to one of our fantastic senior managers, Alfred, for allowing me to use part of his artwork he uploaded to the forums yesterday (linked below). My actual artistic skills are limited when it comes to creating the textures for skins as I no longer have access to a drawing tablet anymore, so his permission for me to use his work was a massive step in the design working properly.


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Great work with them shadow daggers, just a little tip, when taking pictures of models in Photoshop, place a full black layer behind the model instead of getting the grid photo bombing, it makes the model stand out a bit more. :D


Also, big thanks to @Not Alfred for allowing you to use his images for them, they honestly turned out pretty well.

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