About us What we do in WarZone Logistics is different than any other VTC. Our community is striving to make each member happy and excited while giving them a warm and welcoming community to be a part of. Everything we build is centered around our members' enjoyment, realism and progression. We accept members from around the world and are happy for them to come trucking with us. We give members responsibilities that they must complete to keep WarZone Logistics alive and our day to day operations running. Every time a driver finishes a load they will receive tickets. These tickets can be exchanged for a number of prizes and they help drivers progress into higher ranks within the community. We value all drivers equally as we need everybody to work as a team to complete tasks our clients have for us.   History WarZone Logistics was founded in December 2017. As a small group, some of us have been playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 together for many months now with no real objectives. The community has been founded by fellow Euro Truck Simulator 2 truckers who want to seek more from the experience. I am currently the CEO and only management in WarZone Logistics, although would like to give credit to @HulaHoop and @ZeRo for the support in starting this company.   What is next? Our current mission is to grow WarZone Logistics and gain an extensive staff list of the finest truckers on Euro Truck Simulator 2. In the future we plan on building custom tools and applications that track all data that we need to run WarZone Logistics (You can thank @ZeRo for that). We will add more ranks and build the community more as it grows. WarZone Logistics still has many iterations to come so be patient as we develop and refine it further.