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Introducing The Skin Testing Environment - Christmas Movies this month!

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Skin Testing Environment.

Firstly, I'd like to introduce the brand new Skin Testing environment. 

But what is it, I hear you say?

The Skin Testing Environment allows you to pick any Weapon, Knife or glove skin and test them on that specific server.

See below for some screenshots.

Set in an Italian Market place, there are 3 dealers for Weapon Skins, Knife Skins and gloves.


Go up to any dealer and press your USE key


You can now browse every skin. This includes Store, Case only and exclusive items. 





The map also features a shooting range so you can test drive any weapon with a skin



In this server your equipped skins are completely disregarded, you wont be able to use them in the server.

In the next major website update we intend to add a button to the Item Wiki which is simply "Inspect In-Game", you will then be launched in to this server and given the item you were viewing on the wiki page automatically.

The Skin Testing Environment will be launching sometime this week. Expected Wednesday 6th

Christmas Movies


As part of our on going Christmas events, it wouldn't be complete without some Christmas movies, would it?

The following movies will be played rather than the democratic voted movies throughout December.

Home Alone - 08/12:  https://warzone.gg/movienightinfo?id=27

Elf - 15/12: https://warzone.gg/movienightinfo?id=28

The Polar Express: https://warzone.gg/movienightinfo?id=29

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Great idea Zero! I love it and i think the rest of the community will as well

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3 minutes ago, EmbersOfTheFlame said:

What will the guns be like at the testing range? Because the recoil for an ak-47 on SurfDM is extreme compared to on TTT. What game mode will the be set from?


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I can finally possess my dream skins! (until I leave the game x) )

Other than that, sounds awesome, was pumped when I first heard about it and still pumped now. Christmas Movies are also good, excited for those, too.

WarZone is gonna be good this Christmas.

Take that well deserved break you talked about taking soon, you've earned it :D 


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Would it be possible to switch weapon mechanics in realtime later down the line? So you could toggle between, for example, the TTT AWP and Gungame AWP

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